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Pet & Odor Removal


Don't Just Mask It
Remove It!

Where is the smell coming from?!? The first task at hand is finding the source of the odor. There could be several scenarios that are causing odor in your home.

Pet Odors

  • Step 1. We check the padding and flooring underneath the carpet to look for saturation and damage.
  • Step 2. We remove the padding, and clean and seal the floors.
  • Step 3. We replace the padding
  • Step 4.  We apply a pet-safe enzyme treatment, hot water extraction, and clean the affected area
  • Step 5. We then use an eco-friendly deodorizer to neutralize the odor.

Mold & Mildew

You may have a leak somewhere in your home. The stagnant water from this leak may cause a pungent odor.

  • Step 1. We carry industrialized drying equipment to dry out the problematic area and prevent further mold/mildew issues.
  • Step 2. We can refer you to a specialist to help with your leak.
  • Step 3. After the affected area is completely dry, we can work our magic with our pre-spray, steam clean, and deodorize!

Odors from Smoking

The best way to rid your home of the smell of cigarettes

Other unwanted odors

Often, your dirty carpets are causing odors from high traffic throughout your home. We recommend a professional carpet shampoo at least twice a year to eliminate this unwanted odor and allergens imbedded in your carpets.